DVD and CD Duplication

Duplicate your DVD or CD project: DVD copies, CD duplication

Whether you need one copy of your DVD or CD or hundreds of copies, we specialize in quick, high quality DVD duplication and CD Duplication using premium quality printable media – NO STICKY LABELS! – your label design or ours.

We can provide graphic design services of labels and inserts for your DVD Duplication or CD Duplication. If your would like to design the graphics yourself, we can even provide you with disc and insert templates.

Disc PrintingAll DVD duplications and CD duplications in our studio are processed by state-of-the-art equipment. Our studio is equipped with multi-disc duplicators and printers by Microboards.

Single or multiple DVD copies! Don’t be afraid to call if you need just one copy or hundreds! Anything over 500 should be considered for replication.

Same day, express, night and weekend service for DVD Duplication and CD Duplication services

How to Order:

1.  Call today for a quote: 631-421-2847

2.  Email us for a quote

There are a few variables to every DVD duplication job such as:

Quantity of discs
Disc label
Packaging (full or slim jewel case, DVD case, C-shell, paper sleeve, on the spindle)
Printing for inserts and jackets

In order to give you an accurate and timely quote for your DVD duplication or CD duplication project, please have an idea of what you are looking for in terms quantity, custom printing, and packaging.

DVD Duplication – CD Duplication Services
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