Audio Transfer

Convert and Digitize your Audio Cassettes, Vinyl LPs, 45s & 78s and Audio Reel-to-reel

Transfer audio reel to reel to CDAudio reel-to-reel recordings to CD and digital

Don’t let those old audio reel-to-reel recordings sit in a drawer or box. By having them digitally captured and transferred to CD you will be able to enjoy them again. Many of our customers are very happy to be able to hear the voices of their relatives again, or sing along with the recordings of your youth.


Transfer audio cassettes to CDAudio cassette transfer to CD and digital – Microcassette transfer to CD and digital

We can transfer any audio cassette or micro audio cassette to CD. Our clients include law firms, private investigators, families, archivists, and libraries.

We can duplicate C-30, C-45, or C-90 length audio cassette tapes in multiple quantities.


Transfer Vinyl LPs and 45 speed records to CDTransfer LPs (33, 45 & 78 RPM) to CD and digital

We can transfer any LP to CD – with or without tracks.
Using our digital transfer equipment, we may even be able to clear up some clicks and pops in the recording due to minor scratches.


Audio conversions to .mp3, .wav., .wma & .aiff formats for Internet or iPod

We can convert any audio cassette, audio reel-to-reel, LP recording to .mp3, .wav or .aiff formats for your iPod or computer.


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