Slides and Photos

Digitize your photos and slidesWe specialize in creating print and/or DVD-ready images from your slides, negatives and photos.

We can digitize all shapes and sizes of photos and slides. Most older slides and photos are brittle with age, therefore each piece you give us is handled individually with the utmost care by our experienced technicians and editors.

Since everyone has a different ultimate goal for their slides and photos transfer project, below are the basic options to consider.

Option 1: Digitize It!

We digitize and convert your 35mm slides, 35 mm negatives and photos to TIFF or JPEG digital format. We use professional photography and scanning equipment and software to provide you with crisp, color-corrected images so you can review, share, print, use in photo video montage and archive.

After we go through the process of digitizing your slides and photos, we’ll provide them to you on data CDs or DVDs. OR, we can take it to the next level….

Option 2: DVD It!

Using the digitized slides and photos, we can create a standard slideshow or customized photo video montage.

Standard Slideshow:

For a standard slideshow, we take your digitized slides and/or photos and create a DVD-Video and add our standard, era appropriate music.

More info on our customized Photo Video Montage

Contact us for pricing information.

We’ll ask lots of questions so that we can understand what you would like to do with your project. That will enable us to give you the best pricing information. We also give discount pricing based on quantity.