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Let C & L Video create the most exciting sports video for YOU or your TEAM!

C & L Video, an award-winning video company, specializes in creating sports scholarship videos for individual athletes and sports teams. We’re ready to cheer you on! Give us a call or Email us to discuss your project.

Sports Scholarship Video for Individual Athletes

Our expert editing and marketing will really give you an edge.

C & L Video will edit some of your best games to create an effective sports recruitment video that highlights your athletic skills. We can go on location to shoot a series of games, or guide you through videotaping the games yourself. The final product may also include an overview of your academic and extracurricular achievement in order to make the best visual impact on college recruiters.

C & L Video will assist you in creating the greatest tool for marketing your talents and abilities. We have helped many high school students get into their #1 choice of colleges and a spot on the sports team with a sports recruitment video. We have also helped countless others receive scholarships to Division I teams. Believe us when we say, it is not ONLY about the playing ability but about putting together a package that stands out!

Are you looking for an athletic scholarship to college? Do you just want to play your sport in college?

From the very start we aim to understand your goals so that we can put the best tool in your hands – a sports scholarship video. Even if you just want to play your favorite sport in college, chances are, you will need a DVD that highlights your playing ability and showcases your talent. C & L Video can do just that. We work with student-athletes and parent to create an effective sports recruitment video for scholarship or for a spot on the team.

Sports Highlight Video for Sports Teams

C & L Video will take your team’s game videos and edit into an exciting team highlight DVD that everyone will enjoy. We incorporate special effects, graphics and high energy music to enhance your team’s greatest achievements. You and all your loved ones will get to experience the thrill of reliving those great moments for years to come. Call us at 631-421-2847 or email us for a quote for sports highlight video for your team.

Sports Videography

Our camera people have decades of experience shooting on-location in DV and HD. We ensure the best video coverage for all of your games.  Just give us a call to schedule.

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