Videotape to DVD Transfer

Transfer Videotapes to DVD

Video tapes degrade in quality everytime you view them. Convert your videos and home movies to DVD or digital file format to ensure the life of the content footage for many more years to come.

We transfer the following videotape formats to DVD:

transfer vhs videotape to dvdconvert vhs-c videotape to dvdconvert hi8, digital 8, video 8 tape to dvdtransfer miniDVD videotape to DVD

MiniDV tape to DVD
Hi8, Digital 8, Video8 to DVD
Not Pictured:
Betamax to DVD
Betacam, BetaSP to DVD
DVCam to DVD

Convert to digital video files and Transfer to External Hard Drive

We can convert to: .mov, .m4v, H.264, .avi, .wmv  This is ideal if you plan to do your own editing. You can supply us with a clean hard drive (no data) of your own, or purchase an external hard drive from us.

Additional Copies

Extra copies are at duplication rates.

Video Tape Repair

If your video tape is broken prior to you sending it in to us, we can repair it before transferring to DVD or encoded digital video file.

Why we’re the best:

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all video tape to DVD transfers and conversions.

Our studio features state-of-the-art video and DVD transfer and duplication equipment. All video tape transfer orders are fully monitored on premises in our studio in New York. We provide superior DVD transfer services using the best quality media with standard or customized printing on your DVD transfer (no sticky labels).

Need additional copies? We can also provide additional copies of any video tape to DVD transfer at DVD duplication prices.